Mother’s Day presents!

Guest Post: We asked Sue-Sue and Babs, authors of Sophistication is Overrated to tell us what is on they list for Mother's Day!

AHHHHH!!!  Mother’s Day presents!!  What do you get your mama?  Your hubby’s mum?  Your bestie?  More Tupperware?  A back scratcher?  A bedazzled koozie cup… again?

Come on… this year think of something clever, the conversation starters she will love for years.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Our hilarious coffee table book, "Sophistication is Overrated".  Enjoy party ideas, family antics, recipes, and belly laughs with the peeps you love!
  • We absolutely love Halo Home’s fringed monogrammed linens.  These beauties are Kim’s modern twist on the classics.
  • Sasha Nicholas personalized dinnerware, will add pizazz to your Mother’s Day lunch.  What better source for fine porcelain and gold than from Cindy, a former dentist extraordinaire?!
  • Of course, our imperative choice is fruit of the vine!  Try the fabulous Coquerel Wine made by our local Dallas merrymakers in Napa Valley.
  • Every woman would be ecstatic to carry a luxury leather handbag or wallet designed by the impeccably stylish, Lisa Barfield Kopecky. These products are gorgeous heirlooms to pass down for generations!
  • Set the tone at the front door with a custom cardboard cut-out of the guest of honor, Mom, receiving her loving fans.

For the pièce de résistance…

You will thank us later... Go to Fresh Express , Krogers, or their website to get your Mom some Graeter's chocolate chip ice cream (mmmm, coconut or raspberry).  This French pot confection can have chocolate chips the size of a dill pickle... Not kidding!



Sue-Sue & Babs

Here is a fun article to learn more about “Sophistication is Overrated.”